The expert explained why we need a national database of genetic information

National database of genetic information necessary for the timely prevention or successful treatment of disease, said on air of radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the Director of development of medico-genetic center Genotek Artyom Elmuratov.

Earlier to create such a database, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and the Kurchatov Institute.

According to the expert, thanks to this registry, the doctors will have access to personal information of patients and to predict risk of disease in a particular patient.

According to Elmuratova, the creation of a unified database will facilitate the development of personalized medicine, when doctors take into account the individual characteristics of each person.

From next year on the development of a National database of genetic information will begin to allocate funds from the Federal budget.

Putin also informed calls for the development of domestic equipment, allowing to conduct researches of world level in the field of genetic technology, to provide staffing requirements in the field of development and application of genetic technologies, as well as to establish centers for genomic research into vaccines to prevent coronavirus.