The head of Twitter said the reason for blocking the video of trump on the protests

The head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey said the US President Donald Trump that the lock of video of his campaign staff about the protests were not illegal.

Earlier it was reported that social network Twitter has blocked the video of the campaign headquarters trump about the protests, citing copyright infringement. For published video was shown portraits of the deceased at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd and peaceful protests.

After blocking video trump wrote on Twitter that the social network has blocked it because it "vigorously supports the radical left Democrats", he called the lockout illegal.

"Not true and not illegal. It was removed because we received a complaint about violation of copyright Law in the digital age on the part of the rightholder," replied Dorsey on Twitter.

The Hill newspaper reports that after the Twitter social network Facebook and Instagram has also removed the video due to copyright infringement.

Company Twitter previously hid one of trump's tweets, referring to the fact that he can incite to violence. Trump reacted angrily and even threatened to shut down Twitter. Trump also signed a decree that aims to editorial decisions of the social networks did not have immunity from prosecution for libel suits.