In the Saratov region told about new cases COVID-19

Two thirds of new patients identified with the coronavirus in the Saratov region sick with pneumonia, the total number of cases of this infection in the region increased to 3651, said on Saturday the regional operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

The region has died, 36 patients with COVID-19.

Among the new cases is a child. Clarifies that 43 new cases COVID-19 revealed in Saratov, 12 - in Balakovo, eight in Balashovskiy, seven - Engels, four - in Marxian and Ozinsky, two - in Volsk, Kalinin, Krasnokutsky, tatishchevsky, Hulinska and Pugachev, one in Arsovska, resurrection, dergachevsky, Romanovsky, Samoilovsky, Saratov, Turka districts, and BUT a village of Light.

According to the headquarters of 3651 infected with a coronavirus in the region has recovered 1547, including 85 - for the last day.

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