The scientist said that the goal of creating a database of genetic information

Chief specialist of Saint-Petersburg medical genetics Vladislav Baranov in an interview with "Moscow speaking" suggested, why did Russia create a National database of genetic information.

He said that such made in the United States and virtually in the UK, and we are talking about the sequencing of the genome of all the inhabitants of the country.

"I think what they mean first and foremost is to have a collection of genomes, that is, the molecular features of the genomes, at least those from the major ethnic groups that we have in Russia," Baranov said, noting that there are about 150-180 ethnic groups. The collection of DNA of many of them already exists. In addition, according to the scientist, they need to prosecutorial.

He also noted the importance of decoding the human genome, emphasizing that the technique is expensive and requires special equipment. Therefore, he is confident in the selection of the Kurchatov Institute.

"It will be necessary to sequence these genomes, it is very important to read genomes combined with clinical data, this had a medical aspect," — said the scientist.

He also noted that scientists will find out the features of the fine structure of the genome, which indicate the health of the people and their diseases. This, according to Baranova, will help you think through the prevention of these diseases. However, he said that there is no need to include the data of all Russians in this database.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to create a National database of genetic information. So, according to the Commission, the government and the Kurchatov Institute should ensure the establishment and functioning of information-analytical system for the storage and processing of genetic data, development of formats and data transfer.