In Ivanovo region the number of patients with COVID-19 exceeded 2.5 thousand

The number of patients with identified COVID-19 in Ivanovo region per day increased by 130 and reached 2577, the number of deaths reached 22, said the regional government.

"As of 6 June 2020 on the territory of the Ivanovo region officially registered 2577 cases of novel coronavirus infection (at day 130 set of diagnoses)",- stated in the message.

Recovered to date in the region 1063 of the patient with confirmed COVID-19.

"Twenty-two patients with confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection has died. Information on two of them appeared in the last day. In all cases were severe comorbidities," - inform the regional authorities.

From March 4 in the area of mandatory testing for all patients with coronavirus pneumonia. 16 April coronavirus test patients with symptoms of SARS.

"Only in the group of patients with ORVI and a pneumonia identified 1195 positive tests for coronavirus (92 of them in recent days). The total number COVID-positive pneumonia today is 684 event", - informs the regional government.

The population of the Ivanovo region, according to 2020 amounts to 997 thousand people.

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