The indigenous people of Ecuador will require a test to COVID for vyezda the territory

The indigenous people of achuar in Ecuador said on Friday that three confirmed cases infected with coronavirus new type in their communities and decided to demand from people who want to enter its territory, providing results, rapid tests and PCR testing to confirm that they are not infected.

He also said that access to small planes with medical and humanitarian aid will be open only in areas free from the virus.

The leadership of the people of achuar asked the brigade Selva No. 17 of the Ecuadorian army, located in the district of shell in the province of Pastaza to the military controlled the international passage between Ecuador and Peru through the area, since the transit of persons is a risk to the inhabitants of these territories.

The head of the Confederation of indigenous peoples of the Amazon region of Ecuador Marlon Vargas reported 235 confirmed infections COVID-19 in indigenous communities in five provinces of Ecuador.

In the province of Pastaza, in addition to people of achuar, the virus was detected among the peoples of Shuar, Quichua, of waorani, Sepia.

Among the actions undertaken by the Confederation of indigenous peoples of the Amazon to curb the spread of the pandemic, Vargas called the plan submitted to the authorities of the Technical Secretariat of the Amazon, to strengthen the use of traditional medicine as complementary to Western.

According to him, the medical service of the Ministry of public health of Ecuador zero, especially in the border communities of Peru, where no one comes to ground transportation. For evacuation in cases of emergencies Confederation with the people of achuar agreed coordination on the river.

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