Denver PD was forbidden to use lethal weapons against protesters

The Federal district court of Colorado on Friday banned Denver police use tear gas, rubber bullets, lighting grenades and other means of "temporary defeat" against protesters in the city without special permission from the court documents, placed in the database Court Listener.

A temporary injunction is a response to a lawsuit filed Thursday in district court the protesters, complaining about excessive force that police use in demonstrations because of the death of an African-American George Floyd. The decree States that now the police can use means of temporary defeat only if "the head of the police force with the rank of captain or above will specifically authorize such use of force in response to specific violent acts or destruction of property, a witness whom he was personally".

"The court has reviewed the recordings of numerous incidents in which police used pepper spray against demonstrators who seem to peacefully stand, some of them talked to the officers, yelling at them, but none of them, apparently, was not involved in violence or destructive behavior," - said in a court document.

The court also reviewed numerous video recordings, on which "the police use tear gas or pepper bullets against peaceful crowds", and attacking peaceful demonstrators, which in some cases has led to a "facial fractures and blindness" from the affected.

"People have an absolute right to demonstrate and protest against the actions of government officials, including police officers... the Citizens should never be afraid of peaceful protests over police response measures, especially when they are protesting against the same violence from the police," said the judge.

It is noted that the ban will cover not only the Denver PD, but to all services, assisting staff in ensuring the rule of law.

The cities of the U.S., a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American Floyd. In the Internet appeared the video, which police put the handcuffs Floyd, tumbled down and fell on him, the three of us, and one of them pushed him with his knee on the neck. Floyd on video several times says that he can not breathe, then fades. He died in intensive care. After the riots, fired four police officers and one of them was accused of murder by negligence.