Media told why China Russian love sausage

The Chinese publication Sina in his article enthusiastically told about Russian sausage and the reasons why you love her in China.

The author admits that, when it comes to sausage, just remember the "incredibly famous long sticks Russian sausage".

In China, there are a lot of different sausages, the article says, but they differ from the Russian — is more meat. In addition, it is fatter and has a distinct taste, while, like almost all Chinese products made from lean meat.

The sausages, which was used in China, contains too much starch, and buy a real sausage is rarely possible, the author adds. And buying a few sticks would be quite expensive.

In addition, in his opinion, the Russian sausage is tastier due to the fact that in Russia eat more meat and less vegetables and greens.

So when the Chinese are traveling in the border areas, they always try to purchase a Russian sausage, the author concludes.