The authorities of Alma-ATA called meeting in the city centre illegal

Held in Saturday in the center of Alma-ATA meeting is illegal, the organizers had not filed notice of his conduct, said Saturday the city administration.

On Saturday in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan and Alma-ATA held a protest. Calling on his supporters to go to the rally appealed to the social networks, the recognized leader in Kazakhstan extremist movement "Democratic choice of Kazakhstan" (DCK), Mukhtar Ablyazov, living in France. Head of the initiative group on creation of the Democratic party Zhanbolat Mamay also urged supporters to go to the peace rally in several cities of Kazakhstan. Ablyazov and his mother in Alma-ATA for the campaign chose the same time and place - the square near the monument to Abai Kunanbayev located in the city centre.

"Management of social development Alma-ATA warns that as of today in the akimat (mayor's office) city has not received the notification on holding peaceful demonstrations and gatherings. In this regard, the rally, which spread in social networks, is illegal," - said in a statement.

The administration noted that effective Saturday, the law on the procedure of organizing and conducting peaceful Assembly suggests that the notice was given to the city akimat (mayor's office) 5 days prior to the day of the meeting. "In accordance with legislation the notice was not filed to the akimat (mayor's office) of Almaty. By law, the holding of peaceful gatherings are permitted only in designated areas. In this context, we recall that for the organization and participation in the meeting provides for administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the legislation", - said in the administration.

On Friday, the chief medical doctor of Alma-ATA Zhandarbek Bekshin said about the inadmissibility of appeals to mass events and rallies due to coronavirus. He noted that "in the context of the ongoing epidemic in the city endanger the lives and health of people is extremely irresponsible." The Bekshin warned that, "if such fees will result in contamination, the rally organizers will bear the responsibility stipulated by law, up to criminal".

With the same warning on Friday to the residents of the capital of Kazakhstan asked the chief sanitary doctor of Nur-Sultan by Jeanne Praliev. She noted that "in the period of the pandemic, quarantine is extremely dangerous to hold rallies and charges, as the risks of infection are increased in dozens of times." According to Prelievi, "because of the protesters can get the whole town, as the parties may live in different parts of the city, thus the infection will spread throughout the city."

In total in Kazakhstan, according to the latest data, confirmed by more than 12.5 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus infection, more than 6.9 thousand people were recovered, there were 52 cases with a fatal outcome.

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