Venezuela goes to work in the "week by week"

The Venezuelan government has changed the rules of quarantine coronavirus, according to which 7 work days will be for alternate-week intervals, previously operated under more stringent sanitary restrictions formula - 5 10.

"The first week of indulgences was very good, showing an example of civic consciousness and conscience. Now go to the formula 7 7 seven days, after seven days quarantine in strict compliance with sanitary measures," wrote President Nicolas Maduro on his Twitter.

Method 7 of 7 would not operate for the border areas vulnerable to the spread of the virus, whereas in most States the coming weekend declared working before one week.

The government's measures to combat the epidemic COVID-19 will allow companies from 10 main economy sectors, although the Vice President delsi Rodriguez promised this week to consider the demands of the industry, where work is now prohibited.

According to the latest information of Ministry of health in Venezuela, identified 2145 cases COVID-19, from complications died 20 people.

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