Macron and XI Jinping discussed the coronavirus, Africa and climate

The President of France Emmanuel macron and Chinese President XI Jinping held telephone talks, discussing the situation with the coronavirus, as well as support for Africa and climate change.

It is noted that the two leaders "discussed the implementation of priorities and future stages of an ambitious global strategic partnership, uniting the two countries". "In the face of growing tension in the world the President of the Republic expressed their determination to build a strong international response to the pandemic around the three priorities in the multilateral framework and on the basis of jointly developed rules," - said the administration of the Macron.

In the matter of health, the French leader pointed to the absolute priority of the collective approach in the fight against the pandemic, which would be transparent and based on scientific objectivity. "In this regard, he stressed the Central and critical role of the who, as well as the importance of the initiative ACT-A for the diagnosis, treatment, vaccine and support health systems.... He also recalled the important stage, the world health Assembly, which should allow us to learn the lessons of the pandemic and to improve the response to the global emergencies in the field of health", - stated in the Elysee Palace.

On the question of Africa macron noted the importance of the moratorium on debt payments by poor countries, which was adopted by the G20 and the need for ASAP to provide him with specific international understanding to develop the following stages in the framework of solidarity with the African continent.

"On climate and biodiversity, the President stressed the link between health, environmental protection and development and expressed their desire to continue in the coming months to build with China a particular agenda, which would answer the questions, in particular COP15 on biodiversity and climate COP26", - the document says.

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