In Peru, no less than 212 prisoners died COVID-19

At least 212 prisoners in Peru died from COVID-19, said the Minister of justice Fernando castañeda.

"At the moment 67 prisoners (are – ed.) in hospitals, and the number of the deceased amounted to 212", the Minister told the TV channel Canal N.

In addition, he said that the pandemic took the lives of 15 employees of the National penitentiary Institute engaged in control and supervision, 734 people infected, 17 of them were hospitalized.

Castañeda also said that held 7209 tests for the presence of the virus among persons in custody and staff of the National penitentiary Institute across the country.

In addition, the Minister of justice told local radio RPP that the decree, which contains provisions which are exceptional in nature, the unloading overcrowded prisons and juvenile facilities because of the risk of infection COVID-19, provides control over the decision to release the detainees to the judicial authorities with the participation of the Prosecutor's office. He said that the Executive authorities have already used the tools to reduce the prison population, the prison has left 1355 prisoners. Castañeda added that the new decree is scheduled to be released to 7 thousand prisoners serving sentences for minor offenses.

In Peru there are 68 prisons and, according to statistics from the National penitentiary Institute, there are about 95 thousand prisoners, though the jail can accommodate 137 inmates 40.

According to the latest data, the country was 183 198 cases of infection with coronavirus new type 5031 people died.

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