Experts explain why the dollar became the main reserve currency in the world

Dollar 235th birthday which falls on June 6, over time became the main reserve currency in the world. Could the third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, who proposed to establish the dollar as the official monetary unit of the United States, to dream that the American currency will dominate the international financial system?

RIA Novosti interviewed experts, in analyzing the strength of the us currency and can digital currency be alternative.

The dollar now holds a dominant position in the international financial system, is the main reserve currency. Now more than 50% of the total foreign exchange reserves of countries are stored in dollar-denominated assets. In dollars is about 90% of currency transactions, they also decorated around 65% of international debt, estimates the analyst of the company "freedom Finance" Elena Belyaeva. More than two thirds of the total number of issued Federal reserve banknote (worth almost $ 700 billion) are in circulation outside America.

According to the Director of analytical Department IK "Region" Valery Weisberg, the reasons for this situation are several. "This economic dominance of the United States, including as a result of two world wars in Europe