Urgant ridiculed officials, "who learned from social networks" about the incident in Norilsk

Showman Ivan Urgant on air of the First channel is a joke on those who are responsible for being informed about the emergency situation at Norilsk.

The TV presenter has called the incident a terrible environmental disaster.

On the last Friday for Norilsk CHP-3 in the damaged tank leakage of about 21 thousand cubic meters of diesel oil, part of them went to the local Creek and river Barn. The area of contamination was 180 thousand square meters. Then on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level.

SC opened a criminal case under article "damage of land", "violation of rules of protection of the environment by manufacture of works" and "water pollution". Due to the late notification of the emergency criminal case under article "negligence". Chief of Department CHP-3 Vyacheslav Starostin was arrested.