Ukrainian ex-Minister said, as Tymoshenko lied to IMF

Yulia Tymoshenko during the Premiership of Ukraine in 2008 did not give the reform movement, which promised the IMF, said the former Minister of economic development of the country Tymofiy mylovanov on air of the channel "1 1".

He stressed that the international monetary Fund does not believe the Kiev after this deception, so now the organization sets conditions, without implementation of which the loan to the Ukrainian side is impossible.

"There were times when we first tranche was given without conditions. When did that change? When Yulia Tymoshenko was the Prime Minister promised one, the money went — "threw" the international monetary Fund, rolling back the reform, which was promised, and then don't trust us anymore," said Milovanov.

The former Minister added that for Ukraine there are two "simple ideology" that are not associated with the "East and West" or "Russia and Europe".

"Or are we going to develop and become part of global companies, Ukraine — a country that is respected, which is strong, which builds its economy. Or we will continue to be the country that bails on everybody, restructuring, is not fulfilling its obligations", — concluded the politician.

Happy may 13, at the extraordinary session adopted the draft law on banking regulation. The document is one of the conditions to continue cooperation with the IMF. The new rule is aimed at regulating the withdrawal from the market of insolvent banks and not allowing for the possibility to return to their former owners. President Vladimir Zelensky signed the document on 21 may.