The ruling party North of Macedonia rejected the idea on the premiere of the Albanian

The leader of the ruling Social democratic Union (SDSM) North of Macedonia Zoran Zaev rejected the proposal by the former field commander of the Albanian troops and the parliamentary leader of the Democratic Union of integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti on the election of the new Prime Minister of ethnic Albanians.

In Northern Macedonia is possible to conduct a July 5 parliamentary elections, postponed from April because of the pandemic coronavirus. The coalition partner of the ruling SDSM Ahmeti on the 18th anniversary of the largest party of local Albanians said Friday that an armed conflict with the Macedonian authorities in 2001, they managed to achieve a lot in the country and it's time "to elect the first Prime Minister an Albanian".

"If SDSM wins the election, I am the candidate for the post of Prime Minister, and will the Prime Minister, who is equally fighting for a better life for all citizens of North Macedonia, which showed its policy in previous years. Therefore, if a DUI puts such a condition to create a ruling coalition, they will not be part of the future government," - said the head of the ruling party.

The last census was conducted in Macedonia in 2002, according to her results, 25.5% of the population are Albanians. The largest party representing their interests, is DUI, led by former commander of the Albanian separatists Ahmeti.

According to the results of parliamentary elections in 2016, DUI has got 10 seats out of 120 and joined the ruling coalition with SDSM zaeva provided giving the status of second official Albanian language in the country and making some other concessions, named for the capital of Albania "Tirana platform".