"Already pereobulsya": Valery said that Cords asked for help

Singer Valeria in the comments to one of the publications of instagram said that her colleague Sergey Shnurov allegedly demanded the help of show business.

Earlier the husband of the actress, producer Iosif Prigozhin has declared, that popular artists live in poverty due to the cancellation of performances. Because of this, between it and the global peace index conflict broke out. The leader of group "Leningrad" has criticized Prigogine, and the producer said that the Cords will not escape the "male call" and he will have to apologize to the singer Valeria, which he mentioned in his poems.

One of podeschi Valerie decided to speak out about what happened and attracted the attention of the singer.

"After this scandal (where he doesn't have enough money) Joseph became disgusted and soul and externally. Valerie you are beautiful, and he..." — wrote @li_udmila4967.

On this the actress said that Cords "needlessly vilified" her husband, as alleged, and asked for the help of show business.

"You don't know what it was. Cord already pereobulsya and requires the assistance of show business, requires allow wildlife sanctuaries etc., but in vain blackened man. Here he is, Your hero," — said Valery.

Also in the conversation with another user of instagram, the actress said that although nobody wants, and everybody needs a "reason to let off steam."

"You know one thing: the truth is boring, because boring, and need a strong reason to blow off steam. Thinking people have already delved into the situation, and You can continue in his spirit," wrote Valeria in response to the review of the subscriber @aleksandr.obukh.