Whit 2020 - what holiday is it and when is celebrated this year

Holy spirit day in 2020 from the Orthodox is celebrated on 8 June. What is this holiday what you can and cannot do in spirit day, as well as the history of the holiday, its customs and superstitions - in the material RIA Novosti.

Holy spirit day, or whit Monday is a religious holiday in the Orthodox tradition continues the celebrations in honour of the Holy Trinity. And the great feast (one of the twelve main a year) Trinity this year fell on June 7

On the day of Pentecost remembering the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles. It happened on the fiftieth day after Easter (the Resurrection). Believers in these days glorify the one God, manifested in three persons – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit. These three persons are one God and call the Holy Trinity.

"This celebration is set by the arrival of the Holy spirit which occurred in Jerusalem 50 days after the resurrection of Christ. The holiday in the Church and the Resurrection of Christ, celebrated since then, as a performed event. This is the most ancient Christian holidays," - says the rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Khokhlov Archpriest Alexei Uminsky.

When the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, they spoke different languages, and the preaching of Christianity spread throughout the world. Because the event is celebrated as the birth of the Church. And if the Holy Spirit "breathes where it wants", then God the Son after his ascension is "right hand" - on the right hand of God the Father.

"The Holy Spirit is always there in the world, because God always exists and acts in the world. For example, he speaks through the prophets and manifested himself in miracles. But the bestowal of the Holy spirit, through which man is attached to God – this it was on Pentecost (Trinity – approx.ed.)", explains Uminsky.

According to him, that's when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, and in their person – on all people. "Therefore we say that it was the birth of the Church of Christ. Through the Holy Spirit man attached to God. And the sacrament of communion is Chrismation, which takes place immediately after baptism, a person. So, through baptism and Chrismation a person receives the gifts of the Holy spirit which descended on the apostles at Pentecost" – adds a representative of the Church.

Separate iconography from a holiday there – in the center of the temple remains the same festive icon as on Trinity: the icon of the Descent of the Holy spirit. "The Holy Spirit is not depicted: it is invisible and unfathomable. No iconographic image of God the Father, although he is sometimes portrayed as an old man with a beard, but it is non-canonical and banned cathedrals image. There is only image of God the Son, as he was seen, He was incarnated," says Uminsky.

Why is this the Holy Trinity - the Holy Spirit - the Orthodox devoted a separate day, and why it follows immediately after the culmination of the celebration of Pentecost?

"Every Great feast there are days the so-called "poprzednia", that is when the holiday continues," - said Archpriest Alexei Uminsky. For example, the feast of the Passover lasted 40 days, and celebrations in honor of the Holy Trinity last to the "giving holiday" for weeks.

"The day after the gala event celebrated "purely memory" of the main face of the holiday. For example, the day after Christmas celebrating the feast of the Holy Theotokos, because she gave the world the birth of Jesus. After the feast of the Baptism of the Lord – the day of John the Baptist, because he baptized Jesus Christ. Also the Day of the Holy spirit, which is celebrated the day after Trinity (Pentecost), dedicated to the Holy Spirit. Because that's what It comes down on the apostles," - explains the priest.

When is whit Monday in a particular year, can be calculated if you already know the date of Easter. So, Pentecost is always celebrated on the 50th day after the Resurrection of Christ. And 51 days after Easter – the Day of the Holy spirit. In 2020, Easter was on April 19 – so the "Spirits day" falls on 8 June. It is the Orthodox who use the Julian calendar (it is different from the Gregorian, in which we live and zapadnogermanskaya of the Church and secular society).

But the Catholics, for example, the Trinity and Pentecost is celebrated with a difference in a week. Last zapadnogermanskaya in the tradition of the Church is celebrated just like the Day of the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles. In 2020, this holiday fell in the Western Christians on Sunday 31 may. And the following Monday in some "Catholic" countries announced this weekend.

As for the day of the week, which the Orthodox celebrated spirit day, it is also easily determined. Since Trinity is on Sunday, then following it the feast of the Holy spirit on Monday.

As with any religious holiday in whit the main thing – to pray. This year, if the epidemiological situation in the region allows, it is as usual in the temple. And, if the sanitary requirements of the temple is closed or is full and you cannot enter it, without violating the buffer required, then recommends the clergy to pray at home, watching the live broadcast of worship.

The Trinity is Church tradition to decorate the temples of the living branches of the birches, oaks, and sometimes small, young trees, and to lay a floor of freshly cut grass. These ornaments remain for the rest of Trinity week, and on spirit day. The priests at this time are in green vestments.

"The symbolic significance of this is that the spirit gives life, he gives the world life: the nature of God nourishes itself, every soul saturated with sincere. It's a lifestyle, flourishing," says Uminsky.

On Spirits Day is a festive Liturgy, after it – a sermon in which, usually, the priests greet the faithful. But the holiday itself (like daily chapel circle) – starts the day before. So, part of the festive divine services great Vespers is Sunday, the day of Pentecost. And according to modern Church tradition – "immediately after the Liturgy, as people have gathered in temples," explains the priest.

"Sunday Vespers with the calling of the Holy spirit, a long and solemn prayer which the priest and the congregation read on the knees," says the priest. The so-called "kneeling" prayers are read at Vespers of the Day of the Holy spirit for the first time after a long break. According to the Church Constitution, from Easter to Pentecost prostrations are forbidden - and on my knees in this period, too, the believers do not pray. "Easter is the greatest of the Christians. Joy because Christ is risen from the dead gives us this time to feel the spirit of repentance, contrition and kneel. The spirit of joy that lifts people up," explains FR.

And if on the 40th day Christ ascended from the people to the sky - up, then at Pentecost the Holy Spirit condescension to man - down. "Reverence for the Holy Spirit encourages Christians also reverently kneels. God is a very forgiving person. So should we show leniency to the weak, to support those who are in need," urges the priest.