Rosprirodnadzor will check large enterprises on the risks of environmental PE

Specialists of Rosprirodnadzor to the end of the year check large industrial enterprises on the possible risks of an environmental emergency, said the head of the Department Svetlana Radionova.

Earlier instructions to check the industrial enterprises on environmental risks and environmental compliance was given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The reason for this order was a diesel spill at CHP-3 in Norilsk.

"Today, we put together a list of companies and contact the government, ask them to give instruction within the 294-th Federal law. We can go to test events, after the orders of the government. We will refer to the supervising Deputy Prime Minister (Victoria Abramchenko - ed.) and after it we will agree on a list of enterprises, we will come to them. Each test will take 20 working days... I think we will check all companies before the end of the year," said Radionova, the TV channel "Russia 24".

As said Radionova, a list of companies will be formed next week, on Tuesday.