Britain announced the "interception" of Russian aircraft over the Baltic sea

The RAF say that the second time flew to intercept Russian military aircraft in the skies over the Baltic sea.

"The fighter Typhoon, located in Lithuania within the framework of the NATO mission to patrol the airspace of the Baltic States, the second time this week he intercepted the Russian aircraft off the coast of the Baltic sea. Fighters were raised into the air in the afternoon of June 4 to intercept Russian Il-20 and two su-27", - said the press service of the British air force.

The British military has reported that the fighters approached the group and were able to identify the aircraft.

Informed about the "interception" of Russian electronic intelligence aircraft Il-20 RAF said June 3. Then the fighters rose into the air from the territory of Lithuania.

The Russian defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that the flights of Russian combat aircraft are strictly in accordance with international rules.

The Baltic States have no aircraft suitable for air patrol, therefore since April 2004 (after their entry into NATO) protected airspace involved in the rotation planes of the North Atlantic Alliance, based in Lithuania at Zokniai airfield five kilometers from Siauliai. Amari air base in 2014 became an additional site for NATO aircraft.