In the Russian Orthodox Church criticized the "Swedish model" of suppression of coronavirus

"The Swedish model" response to the pandemic coronavirus was shown to be ineffective because of sharply increased mortality in this country and has confirmed the correctness of the Christian position that other people's lives more important than their own well-being, the head of the Department for external Church relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

The government of Sweden, unlike many other countries, did not impose a strict lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus in the country continued to operate kindergartens, primary schools, restaurants and fitness centers. To date, the number of people infected in Sweden has reached almost 43 thousand people, the number of deaths exceeded 4.6 thousand.

"Here the question arises: what is more important - every human life or well-being of those who remain alive? The Swedish authorities from the outset expressed the sense that "we'll go a different path than the rest of Europe, but some we will lose". The Russian authorities have made a different choice at the Federal and at the local level, she fights for every human life, despite the fact that each day of quarantine measures brings huge losses to the country," wrote Metropolitan Hilarion, on Friday, in the article on the portal "Jesus," by which he supervises.

According to the Metropolitan, who by these measures suffer, go bankrupt, but each person "can set itself the same question: what is more important to us - our well-being or the lives of others".

"The Christian answer can only be one. Therefore it is necessary with humility and serenity to relate to those sanitary measures which are prescribed by authorities, and the financial losses that were the result of the pandemic. Our level of wealth will fall, many will have to tighten the belt. But every human life is worth for her to fight, even with their unavoidable losses", - said the Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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