Arsonists America working for re-election trump

Everything that makes a fool, all he is doing is wrong — this folk wisdom more applicable than to what is happening in the States, or rather to attempt establishment "convert the imperialist war into civil," that is to ride the racial and social protest after the murder of George Floyd and wrap it into a popular uprising against Donald trump.

And if you set fire to the house, the cockroaches because it will burn? Have not tried? — But really, let's match!

Attempt with the game on the brink of civil war (at least evoke its Ghost) does not allow November re-election trump is exactly what we are seeing now in the States.

No, nobody planned the tragedy in Minneapolis — but when she caused a major stir in and so excited coronavirus American society, the protests under the slogan "it's hard for Me to breathe" began to turn to the White house. The tramp is to blame: he's the typical rich white racist, down with him! Trump vs marauders? No, he's lying — he is against protests per se! That is, he is a dictator, and the army still wants against the people quit!

That along with trump will have to tear down the American government itself, the organizers of the campaign somehow I don't think, because I do not believe that at stake is the fate of the United States. Well, no, no, it's just a political struggle, it takes sometimes very severe forms, but in the case of unclear where grasp in the presidential chair trump in General, all methods are justified. He's a madman, a lunatic, a boor, who would kill US if he stays for another term, so it is our duty not to allow his re-election. About as justified by those who now ignites America to smoke in the White house trump.

As said favorite TV American President Tucker Carlson:

Yes, it is very important to separate two issues — socio-economic and political. In the United States, the growing social and racial tension — but it has nothing to do with the policy of trump. On the contrary, he is trying to strengthen the American economy, and hence to raise the standard of living of ordinary people, engaging in the clinch with elite, which is pupated in yourself and are interested in its endless reproduction in power and the continuation of the development model of States as instruments of globalization. Social stratification and racial contradictions are intertwined, and every year the situation will worsen. Quarantine and unemployment added heat — but the protest never threatened. For America, dangerous other: an attempt to announce any retaliatory action of the authorities, including the fight against looters, anti-democratic, anti-people and illegal. That is, to delegitimize the government as such — because, by showing that the protest has the highest authority, the highest legitimacy that he "voice of the people", he was immediately counter of power. That's the whole essence: the manipulators do not care for black and poor, they just want to regain all the levers of power. Including the White house, by accident, in their view, lost in 2016.

That is the "Washington swamp" understood nothing and learned nothing — trump became President in 2016 because the country was already in deep crisis, in which it was brought just bipartisan elite, closed the establishment. And man, never been involved in politics, who openly and honestly told about this crisis and about the quality of these elites was that is what the Americans selected their President. Many of those who voted against trump, that is, for Clinton, was afraid that "trump", which has created a totally fought with him in the media, including frightened and his "racism." But to the surprise of Democrats, for the presidency trump the number of his supporters among the black population (and generally colored) rose — like revenue this part of American society.

Chances to win over trump was only another trump — a man not associated with the elites and do not share their views. A candidate for the Democrats was Senator Bernie Sanders, who stole the nomination from the democratic party in 2016. But now it is not allowed to vote — a moderate socialist Sanders for the elites are no better than the nationalist and isolationist trump. Putting against trump Joe Biden, the establishment is virtually acknowledged his own impotence — the defeat of the former Vice President has been programmed.

But then there was a coronavirus, and the economic decline that led Democrats to believe in their chances. But sharply fallen economy also began to grow sharply to the election — and then killed George Floyd.

"Trump is a racist" — it was one of the first accusations against him immediately after he was nominated for President in 2015. Now "racist" again you pulled from the chest — hoping that the wave of national anger will not calm down until November and it is now swept away trump. But a week of protests shows something quite different.

Yes, they were much more polarizable American society — but not because trump said or did something provocative, but because they support the protests of politicians and the media began to attack the President. Which spoke only about the need to rein in the looters (who in fact was accompanied by protests) and restore order. Polarization contributed to the sounded requirements of repentance from the whites as such, and the buildup of the theme of "collective guilt", and especially helplessness or disengagement of the police in some cases.

Supporters of the trump even more will rally around him, but to imagine that the color rallied around Biden very difficult. Nobody wants chaos and riots — and the Democrats opposed the President's attempts to restore order. Biden can come on one of the five ceremonies of the funeral of Floyd — but it is impossible to imagine that black seriously believe that their life will be better, if the former Vice-President, the flesh of the establishment, will win in November. The Democrats need to vote not only blacks, but all minorities, especially Latinos. And their relationship to Trump all these years also changed for the better.

At the same time, focusing on the intensification of the contradictions, the Democrats risk losing not only the elections. Much worse if after November, they will decide not to reduce the intensity of the struggle — that is, do not recognize the election results and new victories trump.

Will announce the fraud and falsifications would require a recalculation of the case will go to court, but it will be delayed (in contrast to 2000, when Bush defeated Gore) and 20 January 2021, when should start a new presidency, the situation will be suspended. The situation will be suspended — and given that controversial cases can be several and they can be in different States, each of the parties will be able to interpret the outcome of the election in their favor: "we will eventually be more electors" — "no, us!" Then the case can connect Congress — and then you can begin to speak and the individual States. That is, the beginning of next year in the United States can be a situation of dual power real — or non-recognition of powers of the President in parts of the country.

And the same thing can happen in the opposite case — with the defeat of trump. Although the chances of this are much less — as his loss and that of his supporters in this case does not recognize the election results. The problem with trump is that his supporters in the elite Republican senators, members of the house of representatives, the governors — most of them forced allies and temporary companions who will betray him, unable to bear the mental attack, "the Washington swamp" (to which they themselves belong). In the case of a hypothetical destruction of trump in November, much more real local "the revolt of the masses" — that is a riot of outraged voters to unite on a territorial basis, trying to capture the authorities on the ground.