Air defense forces carried out a review of systems, covering Moscow

The forces on duty air and missile defense during the inspection reflected a conventional airstrike on Moscow: all the "enemy" reconnaissance aircraft and drones downed, said Friday the Russian defense Ministry.

The test in combining air and missile defense for special purposes, covering Moscow and the Central industrial district. The role of reconnaissance aircraft and UAVs at low, medium and high altitudes was playing the su-35S, su-34, su-30CM, as well as helicopters Mi-24P.

"During the inspection duty units ... promptly found and has made a conditional attack all targets. All the combat calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 Triumf, s-300 "Favorite", antiaircraft missile-gun complexes "Carapace-s" have completed more than 30 conventional rocket launches," it said in a release.

The check was attended by more than 40 combat crews of anti-aircraft missile and Radiotechnical units. SMU interaction with on-duty air defense forces of the Western military district.