The court arrested the assets of former leaders of the "O. K. Bank," according to the suit ASV

The arbitration court of Yaroslavl region at the request of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has seized the assets of five former controlling persons of the Yaroslavl "United credit Bank" ("DC Bank") in the amount of requirements is about 6.5 billion rubles, should be published in the court's determination.

The court, in particular, prohibited transactions with family apartments, land, building, shares in the premises of the two cars BMW X5 and KIA Bongo ex-member of the Board of Directors Pavel Yakubovich.

Under arrest also got a cottage with a land plot in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region former Board member Nicholas Polunin, shares in companies and Audi Q5 Sergey Trubnikov, apartment in Togliatti and Nissan X-Trail Sergei Berezovsky. The last two were members of the Board of Directors of the Bank. In addition, the court imposed a lien on unnamed property of the former Chairman, "O. K.," the Bank Amiran ahmetshin.

All five defendants also frozen the funds in the accounts. Interim measures adopted by the court in the context of consideration of a question on attraction of the former top managers of vicarious liability.

The Bank of Russia has withdrawn at "O. K.," the Bank license in may 2018. According to the Central Bank, the result of the systematic implementation of the Bank "schematic" operations for the transformation of assets, aimed at concealing the real financial position and evasion from execution of requirements of Supervisory authority about the adequate assessment of risks assumed, the credit institution's balance sheet a significant amount of assets of dubious character.

The Central Bank in September 2018, when the court recognized the "O. K." Bank insolvent, reported that the cumulative difference between the amount of its liabilities and assets amounted to 6.1 billion rubles. By total assets, according to Central Bank data, the Bank before the revocation of the license held by the 200-th place in the Russian banking system.