Poroshenko's party supported the candidacy of Klitschko in Kyiv mayoral election

Ukrainian opposition party "European solidarity" ex-President Petro Poroshenko has proposed that the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko to lead the party list on elections to the city Council this fall and is ready to support his candidacy for mayor of the Ukrainian capital, said the co-Chairman of the parliamentary faction Iryna Gerashchenko.

Klitschko earlier said that he intends to run again for mayor of the Ukrainian capital, scheduled for October this year. In April, the sociological group "Rating" has published the results of a poll in which the share of Kyiv residents ready to vote for Klitschko, has reached almost 40%.

According to Gerashchenko, "the time is coming when the democratic forces that stood together shoulder to shoulder on the Maidan, worked together in the Cabinet and fought together for the strengthening of self-government should declare its principled positions, and to determine their main allies in the local elections".

"At the previous mayoral elections in Kyiv in 2015, we have supported Vitaly Klitschko as a candidate from our political force. That is why the "European solidarity" is ready this time to put forward Vitali Klitschko candidate for the post of Kyiv mayor. And ready to see Vitali at the head of the list of "European solidarity" in the elections to the city Council," - said Gerashchenko in a special video posted on the party's website on Friday. According to her, Kiev must be only from green parks and gardens, and not on the political color of amateurism and incompetence.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the parliamentary faction of "servant of the people" Alexander Kornienko said that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will not move the date of local elections, scheduled for October 25. The Parliament was planning to make some changes to the electoral code before the elections.