Poland turned his torturers into heroes

Lately in Poland was very fond of various anniversary. Last year was widely celebrated the anniversaries of the massacre of Polish soldiers in Katyn and the Warsaw uprising. This year, despite the quarantine, and a severe political crisis in the country, planned its celebrations for the centenary of the "miracle on the Vistula". That Poland was the initiator of almost all okoloistoricheskoy resolutions of the European Parliament and PACE on the subject of responsibility for world war II. That Poland built the interpretation of history in state policy, creating the Institute of national remembrance and giving him actually to punish.

Fighters, anti-Communists tends to be as noble patriots, a kind of "warriors of light", who selflessly fought against the "occupation" who died in an unequal battle for an independent Poland. But here are some of the anniversaries related to the "exploits" of these warriors, Warsaw is in no hurry to note, once again demonstrating a very selective memory.

For example, on June 6 this year ought to mark the 75th anniversary of the massacre in the village of Verhovyna (about 50 kilometers South of Lublin), perfect Polish "heroes". On this day in 1945, a detachment of the National armed forces (probably the largest underground organization of Polish nationalists after the dissolution of the home Army) under the command of Mieczyslaw Pazderski named Gray came to this village, mostly inhabited by Orthodox Ukrainians with the aim of "pacification". The idea of the campaign was simple: "We in Poland do not need the Ukrainians."

As a conductor, the squad took them to the local Polish resident, who readily showed the homes of Ukrainians. There came the militants Pazderski and methodically killed all the inhabitants, sometimes raping to murder women. As a rule, local residents were taken to the courtyard and shot them in the head. Some, in order not to waste bullets, chopping axes. Just killed 194 people (according to some sources, 196), of which the vast majority (149 people) were women and children, the youngest of them was two weeks old. "To be a Ukrainian meant a death sentence," recalled one eyewitness of the massacre. So it was a brutal act of ethnic cleansing — quite in the spirit of the Ukrainian Bandera, whose crimes in Poland are condemned on an official level.

After the systematic massacre of civilian population of Verhoven unit "heroically" looted their homes and retired with money in the forest. Though these thugs are gone. Four days later the Soviet red army in cooperation with the Polish Corps of internal security overtook the murderers and the result of the battle eliminated most of them, including the Gray.

I think in today's Poland, the names of these fighters, in whose hands the blood of innocent children, put to shame? As it is not so! In 1992 Pazderski posthumously awarded the Cross of the National armed forces award, which formally reinstated the President of Poland. In Lublin he installed a plaque. The memory of the fighters in Grey along with other "heroes" of the home Army honor on March 1.

And when the Polish leaders responsible for the policy of "national memory", ask about the atrocities Pazdersky and his comrades, they are usually dismissive. For example, one of the initiators of the introduction of the Day the "cursed soldiers" historian Gradius Karbowiak quietly replied: "of Course, there were less than glorious episodes. And what happened in Verhovina, refers to a category of events." Moreover, he justifies the murder of a local Communist. The rest of the fighters are Grey, apparently, just "overdone".

But such mass murder of civilians, as frightening as it may sound, was quite common for soldiers of the home Army and its followers. The same Karbowiak believes that had the largest extermination of the civilian population in the village Sahrani and the surrounding area, where in March 1944 "heroes" of the AK was destroyed up to a thousand innocent Ukrainians. And exactly a year later in the village of pawlokoma squad "the damned" under the command of Jozef Bissa cut 365 Orthodox, including children.

And these "exploits" was a huge variety. Some of which we are only beginning to learn. For example, it is no coincidence that a very nervous reaction of the Polish authorities caused the recent publication in Russia of declassified documents related to the Warsaw uprising. In addition, they contained and the testimony of a Soviet officer in contact with the headquarters of the rebels. In particular, he described the actions of there military wing of the AK — the Polish security corps (PKB): "All the Ukrainian people who remained in the city, were cut or shot. Forces of PKB was also destroyed the remnants of the Jews who did not manage to destroy the Germans. PKB conducted special raids on Russian prisoners of war who escaped from German captivity, trying to seize hostages to exchange with the red army".

That is, AK finished and Polish Jews who survived the Nazi Holocaust. And these "heroes" continued to do the same after the war, exterminating ethnically Ukrainians, Jews, Lithuanians, Belarusians. But as you can see, this fact does not preclude their official glorification.

The above mentioned historian Karbowiak said: "regardless of their actions, they fought for Poland, and some of them brought their lives on the altar of their country, so they need to remember. The memory of the defenders of the Republic — it is our duty". Commercials and atrocities of Hitler can be attributed, on the grounds that he was fighting for a "greater Reich", despite his methods and goals.

Poland likes to imagine themselves as the main victims of "totalitarian regimes of the XX century", constantly making projects for all kinds of resolutions at the international level. Unleashing the historic war aimed at the revision history of the Second world war, she at the same time, hates it when she is reminded of their own sins and crimes (which is only a legislative ban on the mention of the participation of poles in crimes perpetrated in Nazi concentration camps). But the louder Warsaw requires repentance and compensation for the events of the past, the more necessary to remind her of her own history and to draw the attention of the world community on what criminals and thugs now praise at the official level in Poland.

In the end, what prevents the European Parliament to condemn the ethnic cleansing organized by the Polish "heroes" in the forties, in the same pattern by which he condemned the "totalitarian regimes"? The answer to the question is clear: it does not fit into the concept of the eternal guilt of Russia. As condemning the acts of genocide from militants AK, necessarily justify military action against them by the red army and the NKVD. And then recognized in the West as "victims" and "executioners" suddenly swapped. And this, from the point of view of modern Europe, should not be allowed.