Experts have told how much a holiday in Greece

The cost of holidays in Greece declined by about a quarter, reports The Sun.

Hotel and other tourist services are cheaper. Business owners hope that the attractive prices will be an incentive for the arrival of foreign tourists. Some agencies sell their services at half price, the magazine writes.

"We offer accommodation at a discount of 20 percent compared to last year", — said the President of the Union of hoteliers of the island of Lefkada in the Ionian sea Manolis Thermo. Four star hotels in Lefkada now worth about 150 euros per night, which is twice less than the regular price. Manolis added, however, that this is a necessary measure — the season started with a "zero" reservation.

On Santorini, according to hoteliers, discounts can reach 25 percent. "It will make tourism more attractive," says Antonis Iliopoulos, the head of the Guild local hoteliers.

In Northern Greece luxury resorts also offer significant discounts. Their size will depend on the amount of time spent at the hotel. "If you stay for seven nights we offer a discount of 20 percent and a half," he told hotelier demos Tornivoukas. If the period of stay will increase to 14 nights, discount of 25 percent.