In Rossotrudnichestvo told about expelled from the Czech diplomats

Expelled from the Czech Republic, the Russian diplomats is the acting head of Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Prague Andrew Konchakov and an employee representative by the name of Rybakov, told RIA Novosti Deputy head of the Federal Agency Mikhail Bryukhanov.

Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babish at a press conference on Friday, citing local security services said that the Czech government took the decision to expel from the country two employees of the Russian Embassy, which is associated with the story about the alleged transport of the Czech Republic Russian diplomat of the poison ricin.

"Your information has been confirmed. In the Czech Republic came up with this "rezinovy scandal", the base story for cheap detectives. This decision is unjustified. The relations between our two States is clearly not going to help. It was a surprise, did not promise, there was no reason," said Bryukhanov on a request to confirm information on the expulsion of the staff of Rossotrudnichestvo from Prague.

"Send - acting head of mission of Rossotrudnichestvo in Prague Andrey Kondakov, very educated, intelligent man, kept a huge amount of humanitarian projects, enjoys a great reputation among our countrymen and scientists –specialists in Russian Philology. Strong loss, a very good employee who knew well the Czech language," he said.

Bryukhanov added that the two expelled Russian diplomats – employees of the Russian centre of science and culture. "The second Fishermen," he said.

In early may, the Prague online edition Seznam published a conversation your correspondent with a certain Andrey V. K., who presented the working in the Czech capital the head of the Russian Federal Agency diplomatic status. The media calls him a man, who allegedly brought in the beginning of April in Czech Republic deadly poison ricin. Czech TV also reported that the diplomat, who was allegedly involved in the situation with the ricin is acting head of representation of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Czech Republic Andrey Kondakov. The head of Rossotrudnichestvo Eleonora Mitrofanova was then called the publication of the Czech media pure provocation.