The head of the Russian Union of journalists criticized the marking of state media in Facebook

The marking of state media on Facebook is a violation of the freedom of information and political censorship, told RIA Novosti the head of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov.

It was reported that the American company Facebook starting June 4, to mark the pages of the media corporations that are wholly or partly under the control of the authorities. The social network will assign the markings of the Russian Sputnik, the Iranian Press TV and the Chinese Xinhua News. The initial labeling on the website will receive 200 pages. Thus, as stated by the head of cyber security policy of Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook does not flag the American media, "because even the state media in the country have editorial independence."

"Not the first time it is noticed that large corporations such as Facebook, Twitter or Wikipedia, are engaged in censorship, just plain censorship. And what is interesting. In Russia censorship prohibited by the Constitution. In the United States censorship prohibited by the Constitution. But we are in a situation when on our territory the largest American corporations engaged in blatant censorship," - said Solovyov.

The marking of state media, as pointed out by Soloviev is not the first case of restricting freedom of dissemination of information from the American companies and authorities. In particular, he reminded about the proposal to introduce the so-called "black" and "white" lists of media.

"Such actions can be called a violation of freedom of dissemination of information. Although, of course, they will say that it is private corporations that they decide what action to take to receive and distribute information. But frankly it is seen that this is political censorship, and otherwise it is impossible to estimate," said the source.