In the US, three Chinese were convicted of shooting of military facilities

Three Chinese citizens were sentenced Thursday to prison terms of 9 to 12 months for illegally filming military facilities in the naval base of the USA in Key West (Florida), the statement said the U.S. attorney's office for the southern district of Florida.

It is noted that by 12 months of imprisonment sentenced 27-year-old Liao, Luju, who pleaded guilty to illegal entry into the territory of the naval base on December 26 last year, as well as in photo - and video shooting of objects around the base. It is clarified that it was including on photography "the most important military equipment."

Two citizens of China - the 25-year-old Zhang Tseloni and 24-year-old van Yihao - also pleaded guilty to trespassing on the base 4 Jan and photographing military facilities and naval infrastructure. They are sentenced to imprisonment for 12 and 9 months respectively.

As pointed out by CNN, the incident occurred shortly after last year the US "secretly expelled" from the country of two employees of the Embassy of China after they entered the territory of a military base in Virginia, about what was informed in the December edition of the New York Times.