Falkov presented a program of strategic academic leadership

Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation has developed and introduced the strategic academic leadership, based on the principles of integration and cooperation of scientific and educational organizations, as well as the principles of competition and openness, said the Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkov.

According to him, despite the fact that this program is submitted on behalf of the Ministry, she not only had a serious discussion with the rectors of leading universities, but also a detailed discussion in the government of the Russian Federation and the presidential Administration.

"The principles that provide its Foundation: one of the main is the principle of integration and cooperation of scientific and educational organizations. It seems to me that achieving the goals we all set for ourselves is a shared responsibility of universities and scientific organizations", - said Falkov.

The second principle is the principle of competition or competition. "This is a competitive field, where only a constant movement forward is appreciated and allows those who shows the best result, to obtain the greatest preference. Competitiveness itself is part of the mission, I think all universities, but particularly this group of leaders," - he explained.

"Finally, another important principle... we came from it when he designed all of the important elements of the program is the principle of openness. The more openness during the selection process and during the operation, the less issues in society, including questions on such direction: as said MS Golikova (Tatyana Golikova, ed.), the state allocates a significant resource that will universities and scientific organizations?" the Minister stressed.

Today, according to Falkova, for the entire system of higher education and science the main objectives defined in the decree of the President of the Russian Federation - is the national development of the country. At least four objectives, the Minister said, should be guided. This acceleration of technological development, ensuring the accelerated implementation of digital technologies, the entry of the Russian Federation among the five largest economies in the world, the establishment of basic industries, high-performance, export-oriented sector.

Earlier it was noted that the implementation of the program of strategic academic leadership will include among others, the national action plan.