Billy Ailes talked about the relationship with young people

American singer Billy Ailes in an interview with British GQ told about the relationship with young people, and also again raised the issue of self-acceptance and once again explained why she prefers to wear loose clothing.

Problems in his personal life, although the owner of five awards "Grammy" only 18 years old, is another explanation of why she prefers to wear baggy shirts, pants and suits (formerly Ailes explained that he chose this style, as are unable to put up with the trolling in the Network after one day, published their photos in a swimsuit and t-shirt.– Approx.ed.).

According to her, sometimes she catches herself thinking that has driven itself into a trap by creating such an ambiguous style: she dresses like a boy and sometimes as a "redneck girl."

In the interview the singer has opened the heart and admitted that for a long time with anybody did not meet. Billy Ailes knows that someday she will be a young man, but now she can't imagine herself with anyone. It yet attracts no one, but she's not going through because of this. Ailes calls his loneliness a kind of "doping".