Experts have told how the tourists book hotels in Sochi and Crimea

Experts told, what is the situation with the booking of hotels in Sochi and Crimea, reports TourDom.ru.

The Russians began to undo the reservation of the accommodation facilities at the black sea resorts, according to local hoteliers and the host company. "At the moment with 1, 2, 3 Jun already removed about 40 percent of the applications. It is scary. People have no clear, put them in the Observatory, whether to request the tests. There is no transparency and clear algorithm," – said the Chairman of the Association of small hotels of Crimea Natalia Stambolieva. According to her, guests who wanted to come for a long period of time (two to three weeks), cancel reservation for July and even August.

This information is confirmed in the National Union of hospitality industry. "Two months of downtime and mass cancellation of the June applications have created difficult conditions. Now began to shoot in July and armor. The refund of the prepayment tourists hampered by lack of funds from hoteliers," commented Vice-President OSIG Alexey Volkov.

The same situation is in the city of Federal significance, Sevastopol, despite the fact that here, in contrast to the large Crimean authorities promised the opening of hotels from 15 June, announced the easing of entry rules and provided all arriving who have no certificate on the absence COVID-19, the opportunity to have rapid tests.

"Tourists, 100 per cent paid for the accommodation, don't want to go in June, and I'm afraid I beg to move applications for July, August or September. They are psychologically tired, depressed and could not believe my eyes and ears. The good news is reproduce a lot more distrust than bad," – said the head of the Association's initiatives Sevastopol travel industry Daria Zhuravleva.

Slightly better demand in Sochi. "I would not say that the mass cancels. But now, when it became clear that we employ only resorts with certain restrictions around the city, the sea closed, those who waited till the last lifting of the quarantine in June, of course, have already begun to cancel the next booking" – confirms the head of the tour operator one of the tour operators Alexander serdyuchenko. Full race do you expect in August.

However, the interest and desire of people to rest on the Russian resorts continues unabated. "Guests always call and ask about the timing of the discoveries," says the Manager of the hotel chain Alex Vysochanove. In his opinion, many refuse the trip to the sanatorium in June, also due to the inability to collect all the necessary information.