In the Altai region died two patients with coronavirus

Two patients with coronavirus residents of the Altai territory, died in days, the number of deaths among those infected has reached 25, according to the regional sit room to counter COVID-19.

"During the day, there were 2 deaths from coronavirus infection. One of these cases - the head of Department of control and quality of the Altai regional oncological clinic Sergey Khodorenko – regional Ministry of health today confirmed the cause of his death – COVID -19... Died 25 adults, including 15 cases from COVID-19, 8 cases – other reasons of death, 2 cases under examination", - stated in the message.

For the last day was 57 new cases of coronavirus, of which Barnaul - 40 people Zarinsk – 4, eagle 3, rebrikhinskiy district – 3, Rubtsovsky district 2, Trinity area – 2. In Tal, Tyumentsevskoe, Shipunovsky areas - one at a time. 53 people were discharged from hospitals.

"The second day in the Altai region reduced the number of infected COVID-19", - emphasized in the sit room.

The total number of identified infected by coronavirus infection is in the Altai region 2192 people, including 214 child up to 17 years inclusive. Of the total number of cases 126 cases imported, including 2 from abroad. 1530 cases – on contact with a previously ill, 263 patients with community-acquired pneumonia, 508 – in cases of SARS, in 1421 cases asymptomatic. Ill – 47, the ventilator – 22. Just recovered 914 people.

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