The three accused in the murder of an African American in the United States has transferred in court

The judiciary in the state of Georgia transferred the case to the court three accused in the murder of African American Ahmad of Arberi, reports channel CBC News.

Father and son, Gregory and Travis Macmail was arrested may 8, Arberi although shot back in February. The arrest came in the Wake of public outrage after in a network there was video of the murder. Another accused was the neighbour of Macmillan, who filmed the events. The President of the United States Donald trump promised to look into the matter.

During the hearing, the magistrate Wallace Harrell ruled that against Macmillan and William Brian collected enough evidence to organize the process in their case.

Bureau of investigation Georgia provided a video showing how Greg and Travis Macmail along with William Bryan purposefully chased trucks for Arberi and tried to surround him. According to the materials Bureau of investigation, Ahmed Arberi received three gunshot wounds: one in the chest, once in the hand, the third — again in the chest, after which the African-American died.

Mcmikle chased by car in Orbeli, who was Jogging in their neighborhood, and they for unknown reason the suspect in the robbery nearby. When the armed men caught up with Arberi, he tried to snatch weapons from the hands of one of them and was killed. The family of the deceased said that Arberi was the victim of racial prejudice against African Americans.