Mosques of the Spiritual administration of Muslims in Moscow on 5 June will be closed

Mosques of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia will be closed for the believers on Friday, according to the website of the DUMAS of the Russian Federation.

"The fifth of June, the capital's mosques in the conduct of the DUM of the Russian Federation will be closed believers. The Friday collective prayer (Juma) in the Moscow Cathedral mosque will be completed by the imams of the mosque and will be broadcast online on the information resources of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, Council of Muftis of Russia and the DUM of Moscow. On the order of holding the Friday prayer on 12 June will be announced later", - stated in the message.

The mosque was opened on June 1 in test mode, in which the mid-day prayer can "make the participation of several dozen people in an auxiliary prayer hall" with compliance with social distance, told in a press-service.

"The date for the opening of the main prayer hall was appointed on 6 June. However, once opened, the worshipers will be limited, because according to recommendations of Rospotrebnadzora, in terms of the epidemic threat to everyone praying must have no less than four square meters in the temple" - specify in the DOOM of the Russian Federation.

The Historic mosque in Moscow, which also began work June 1, a prayer hall open "only at the time of the five-time obligatory prayers (fard)". "Between prayers, the mosque and the mosque area will remain closed. The Juma namaz is not performed. Imams are accepted daily from 12.00 to 17.00", - warn in a press-service.

In the Memorial mosque on Poklonnaya Gora restrictions on collective worship is planned to remove on June 15, and now there is carried out a repair.

In the Moscow region of Muslim centers and mosques DUM of the Russian Federation resumed work on 3 June, but was available "exclusively for private use and in strict compliance with applicable sanitary requirements (medical masks, gloves, and social distance)".

"The Friday congregational prayer will be held exclusively on open air in the areas adjacent to mosques and only in the next cities of Moscow region: Noginsk, Kupavna, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Shchelkovo, Podolsk, Naro-Fominsk, Zvenigorod, Springs, Kolomna, Rostov, Eysk, Domodedovo, Tuchkovo, Shakhovskaya," - said in the message.

In other Muslim communities of the Moscow region Friday prayers in the collective mode to improve the epidemiological situation to make will not.

DOOM of the Russian Federation urged people over 65 and those who suffer from chronic diseases or have symptoms of SARS, "not to visit mosques and Islamic centers and do not participate in collective worship".