The authorities of new York have expressed condolences to the family of George Floyd

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio and state attorney General Letitia James expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased in the Minneapolis African American George Floyd.

Broadcast the rally, which takes place in the area of Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, is channel NY1. To honor the memory of Floyd came, according to the channel, more than a thousand people. After the rally, participants will go to the square Foley square to continue their protests.

"Thank you the family of Floyd and God bless you, my Lord," said de Blasio.

"We are here to support Terrence (brother of George Floyd, who attends the event – ed.) and his entire family. It's all about family support. If you are here for others please leave. Because we are here to support the family. We will hold a procession peacefully, and we will live in the world," said the mayor.

The wife of the mayor also expressed condolences to the family of Floyd.

In turn, the attorney General of the state of new York Letitia James said that a whole generation and the whole country mourns with the family of Floyd.

"Terrence, you should know that while we're fighting for justice, you and your family are not alone", she said.

Terrence Floyd thanked the audience. "I want to say this: I'm proud of the protests, but I'm not proud of the destruction. My brother was not so," he said.

From the end of may in many major U.S. cities held protests and unrest in connection with the death of an African-American George Floyd with the arrest by the police. One of the policemen, who for a few minutes he felt a knee in the neck of Floyd, charged with murder, three others of aiding and abetting the murder.