The command of the Syrian army confirmed the attack, the Israeli air force

Aircraft of the Israeli air force attacked the positions of the army cap in the area of Mysafe in the province of Hama, the air defense system managed to shoot down of the missiles, according to a statement by the commander of the Syrian army.

Earlier media reported an air attack in the area of Misefa, where the work of the Syrian air defense. It was also reported that the Israeli air force were seen flying over Lebanese cities of Byblos, Keserwan and IDA. The Israeli army declined to comment on media reports.

"In 21.25 (local time) on June 4, Israeli warplanes out of Lebanese airspace and attacked one of our military positions in the area of Misefa. Our air defense systems worked immediately to reflect enemy missiles, some of which were shot down," - said in a statement.

Lebanese authorities have repeatedly appealed to the UN security Council with a demand to put pressure on tel Aviv to halt regular violations of airspace, land and sea borders by Israel. Beirut has repeatedly expressed its protest of the Israeli strikes on targets in Syria from Lebanese territory.