The state Department demanded that Russia "get out of the Middle East"

Russia should "get out of the Middle East" because it is "destructive role", said the assistant Secretary of state David Schenker.

"For 45 years it was the cornerstone of American policy to keep the Russians away from the Middle East. Now they're playing a destructive role. And we, frankly, think they need to get out of there," said Schenker in the conference in the Middle East Institute in Washington.

Speaking of "great power rivalry" in the region, under which he understands of the United States, Russia and China, assistant Secretary of state said that the US "does not force these countries to make a choice, but I want to know what could be the consequences of the choices they make".

Schenker also repeated the thesis of the current President of the United States Donald trump that the previous administration of President Barack Obama "welcomed the arrival of the Russians in Syria" to help the country's leader, Bashar Assad, believing that it "will delay the Russians into a quagmire".

"The Russians have changed the course of the war, and the Assad regime still remains. Honestly, I think it was a failure (the Obama administration)," said assistant Secretary of state.

According to him, success in Syria prompted Russia to actions in Libya, where she is now "productive or not plays a stabilizing role."

Russia in 2015 at the request of the official Syrian authorities to provide military and other assistance to Syria in combating terrorism and rebuilding the country.

Regarding the situation in Libya, where internal armed conflict ongoing since 2011, Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not interfere in the situation on any side of this conflict, and not military aid.