Russian musicians have written over a thousand songs about the coronavirus

Over a thousand tracks were written by the musicians in the period of self-isolation, among them "Buckwheat Martini" T-Killah and "quarantined" Timur Rodriguez, follows from the study of the service "Yandex.Music".

"The musicians during the forced isolation has written more than a thousand tracks devoted to this topic. Including popular, such as "Buckwheat Martini" T-Killah and "quarantined" Timur Rodriguez. And the song "We are home" group "Hadn of dads" became the anthem of isolation", - said the press service.

"Fantastic influx of songs about the quarantine and the coronavirus that causes probably the most visible musical manifestation of the pandemic. Anything similar from the "Spanish flu", for example, left — a couple of ragtime, some Blues, and, well, everything. There is a famous reggae lyrics about the Hong Kong flu, there are some songs about typhus, tuberculosis and bilateral pneumonia, but kovid — the undisputed king of the hit parade", - the press service quoted a music critic Alexei Munipov.

Also during the research it became clear that the Russians began to listen to more podcasts, more often to give children fairy tales and lullabies, to enable to repeat the relaxing sounds. In different cities of Russia there are typical podcasts that I listen there a lot more often than the national average. For example, the samarians are addicted to spirituality under the "Astrology light", in Krasnodar stories poison, overheard in "Jokes of KVN", and in Rostov-on-don, studying Russian literature along with the podcast "the Shelf".