The court extended the arrest of the chief of the General staff Arslanova

Thursday 235th garrison court of Moscow extended for three months the arrest of the chief of General staff of armed forces Colonel-General Khalil Arslanov in the case of the theft of 6.7 billion rubles, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court, Maria Zhiltsova.

"The court has satisfied the petition of the investigation and extended until September 6, the measure of restraint in form of detention," - said the Agency interlocutor.

In early February, the 235th garrison court sent Arslanova in jail until April 7. SK the Russian Federation believes that Arslanov, the chief of communication of armed forces, kidnapped 6.7 billion rubles in the supply of the army portable radio.

Arslanov himself in court has called the essence of the accusations far-fetched, noting that the radio comes only for the needs of defense, so its market value referenced in the indictment, simply does not exist.

Last year Arslanov told the TV channel "Star", in the framework of the state defense order the army supplied portable radio station R-187-P1 ("Azart-P1"), which are "radioreaction the new generation" and "its main characteristics are not inferior to the same radio stations of the leading countries of the world."

Initially, according to the court records, it was about three contracts with "Voentelekom" for supply of spare parts and maintenance equipment to 640 million rubles, and then the plot widened.

Also in a criminal case are the former head of "Voentelekoma" Alexander Davydov, Deputy Oleg Savitsky, Advisor Dmitry Semiletov and representatives of the defense Ministry: the head of Department orders by improving the technical basis of the system of management of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Pavel Kutakhov, and the chief of the first Department of the Main Directorate of communications of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Alexander Ogloblin. Ogloblin - major General, a rank Kutakova not specified, but in the biography on the website of the Ministry of defense he is depicted with shoulder-straps of a Colonel.

In a criminal case the court arrested the property and land to Arslanova and his children in Moscow and the Moscow apartment of his son. The value of the assets was not specified. Subordinated to the Ministry of defence the company "Voentelekom" a few years ago was at the center of a scandal because of the criminal case of embezzlement, but then they talked about other episodes.