At Vologda enterprises extorted money allegedly to fight COVID-19

The authorities of the Vologda region warn of regional business on the crooks who extorted from the companies the money was allegedly for the treatment of patients with coronavirus on behalf of one of the members of the regional government.

"Recently, calls with a request to provide financial assistance for the organization of events aimed at treating patients with COVID-19, enrolled in such enterprises as the Sokolskiy TSBK, Cherepovets distillery. Scammers calling on behalf of one of the members of the regional government and extorted money", - stated in the message on the official page of the region in a social network "Vkontakte".

Regional authorities have described these actions as a "provocation".

"When you receive a call like that management encouraged to contact the office of the Governor, from whom this "appeal" was received, and the Department of the MIA of Russia for the Vologda region", - informs the regional administration.

According to the regional oberstab, on Thursday in the Vologda region registered 1018 cases COVID-19, a gain for the day amounted to 20 cases. 466 recovered, 11 died.

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