Drones of Regardie will monitor the situation emergency in Norilsk

Regardie of drones to monitor the situation in Norilsk, where there was a spill of fuel, aerial photography will be carried out in real-time, reported on the Agency's website.

Ecological accident in Norilsk – one of Russia's largest in years. From the tank CHP resulted about 20 thousand tons of fuel, part of got into local water bodies. According to estimates by Greenpeace, the environmental damage may exceed 10.2 billion rubles, which is comparable to the annual budget of a large Russian city.

"At the request of the head of the Main Department of the MIA of Russia in Krasnoyarsk region the General-the Lieutenant of police Alexander Rechitsa in Norilsk the plane will be delivered to the calculation of complex unmanned aircraft aviation detachment of special purpose Control Regardie in the Krasnoyarsk territory", - stated in the message.

It is noted that drones Regardie staff will conduct aerial reconnaissance of rivers Daldykan and Barn - find objects of interest to law enforcement, and aerial photography in real-time. Is added that the calculation of drones will help to the complete elimination of consequences of emergency situations.

One of the tanks storing diesel fuel at TPP-3 Norilsk may 29 was damaged, leakage of about 21 thousand tons of fuel. As explained in the "Norilsk Nickel", the main cause of the accident was warming in the permafrost, which resulted in the movement of the supports under the fuel tanks. On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level. The head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev said that the decision on how the aftermath of an emergency.