The authorities of the Ivanovo region told how much is left available beds

The number of available beds for patients with coronavirus in Ivanovo region per day decreased from 89 to 65, it discusses the deployment of additional inpatient beds, reports the regional government.

"During the day, put 102 the diagnosis. Among them were examined with SARS and pneumonia 18 people were examined by contact – 82. This number included 75 patients from Plyos in the orphanage. And two men arrived from Moscow private transport", - quotes the regional government to the Director of the health Department of Ivanovo region Arthur Fokine.

In-patient treatment in the field are 742 people, including oxygen support 130, on the ventilator 16 patients.

"Available beds for patients with COVID-19 - 65", - noted by the regional authorities.

A day earlier it was reported that beds for patients with coronavirus in the area is 89.

"You see that the number of critically ill patients requiring treatment in the hospital increases, the number of beds decreases. Consider now the question of deployment of additional in-patient beds," said Fokin.

Per day discharged to 35 people. Only in the Ivanovo region has recovered 963 patients with COVID-19.

"Twenty patients with confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection has died. For the last day of the official statistics came in two more cases: patients from Ivanovo and Lukh district, both 54 years old. In both cases, there were severe adverse pathology who already appeared in a number of postmortem epicrisis", - reported the regional government.

The population of the Ivanovo region, according to 2020 amounts to 997 thousand people.

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