Foreign Ministry demanded to see evidence of a hacker attack on the Bundestag

Moscow demands to present obtained by Berlin that the U.S. evidence of Russia's involvement in the hacker attack on the Bundestag in 2015, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"Now the German government referring to some "reliable evidence", which, according to the German media, was received by Berlin from the United States. This is a known suppliers of reliable facts and reliable evidence. I would like to say that if the German side have received from Washington documentary evidence of someone's guilt, that the Russian side is ready to consider them", - said Zakharov on the briefing.

She stressed that there are special mechanisms for the exchange of relevant data.

"Their failure will be unambiguously interpreted in Moscow as groundless accusations of Russia. What could be easier than to show those what they call reliable evidence?" - she added.

Zakharova also said that so far the Russian proposals to discuss with Germany of their claims in connection with hacker attack to the Bundestag in the framework of bilateral talks have always left Berlin unanswered. While on the German side any formal requests and appeals were received.

Earlier, the German foreign Minister was summoned to the office of Russia's Ambassador to Berlin, Sergei Nechayev. He was informed that the General Prosecutor's office of Germany was declared wanted by the Russian Dmitry Badin on suspicion of involvement in the hacker attack on the Bundestag in April-may 2015. Germany believes that there are "strong indications" that badin was a member of the GRU at the time of the attack, but has not released the evidence. Berlin plans to activate the mode "cybermancy" against Russia because of this. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Berlin did not provide evidence of Russia's involvement in the hacker attack.

EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell also said that he has no information on the hacker attack on the Bundestag, which is Germany saw "Russian" track.