Under pain of death. China abandons disastrous traditions

From the problems in the economy — to the freezing of oocytes: in the last two weeks in China discussed seem to be all important issues for the society. Lawmakers approved, in fact, the encyclopedia of Chinese life — the first in the history of the country's Civil code. Adjustments to the document introduced the pandemic.

"Two sessions" — so in China called synchronous annual session of Parliament — the national people's Congress representatives, and the chief deliberative organ of the national Committee of the people's political consultative conference. Usually the deputies and advisers gather in Beijing in March. But this year because of the pandemic, the event was postponed. Sat in masks, and dined at round tables with plastic screens.

The agenda also largely dictated by the epidemiological situation. For the first time since 1994, the deputies refused to formulate the task in terms of GDP — now expect certainty in the economy. In addition, at a convenient moment — when the threat of infection can be avoided the mass demonstrations, the Parliament passed a law on the safety of Hong Kong. But quietly all the same did not happen — the city is gripped by protests.

The pandemic has forced a new look at some national traditions. As Chinese experts believe that the source COVID-19 was the meat of wild animals, the delegates of the "two sessions" discussed the special legislation in this sphere. Because the demand for the exotic continues to grow. An unusual pet or a treat is a status indicator, and to fight it will not be easy.

In addition, members consider it necessary to change drinking habits. Unlike the Europeans, the Chinese are not used to order in restaurants, individual servings. As a rule, on the table, put a few large dishes to try a little of everything. Impose food from common plates, sometimes using reusable chopsticks. Now authorities are urging everyone to move into portions and the individual Cutlery.

In the new Civil code took into account some of the nuances of family life. MPs, for example, decided to temper the commercialism of the newlyweds as a marriage of convenience — a common occurrence in China. Now the husband and wife are to pay the debts of every man for himself. Expenses that do not fit the basic needs of the household, also divided — it is not possible to prove that the benefit received from spouse.

Quarantined in many families, conflicts arise, and to prevent a surge of impulsive divorces, authorities have suggested to couples to think. Before divorce was possible for the day. Under the new law, from 2021 to spouses who wish to divorce have to wait a month "to cool off".

After arguing about how do not turn this respite into a home nightmare, legislators secured a reprieve only for those who are parted by mutual consent. In addition, the Chinese obtained the right to annul the marriage, if the husband or wife before the wedding, I hid that suffer from a serious disease.

Another addition to the law — victims of sexual abuse can sue the criminals even after the Statute of limitations. Before this legal loophole allowed rapists to escape punishment, but in recent years this problem has attracted more and more attention, and the authorities had to make adjustments.

Also envisages punishment for those who dropped something off the balcony at passers-by.

The fact that last summer there was a tragedy. Because of the collapsed top floors of the window killed a boy of five. Was trying to save him at the hospital that cost the family $ 75 thousand yuan (ten thousand dollars), but to no avail. Emergency management company home compensated a total of three thousand yuan and this is especially angered the public.

Under the new law, if there are victims, and the perpetrator is not found, the responsibility is shared between all the tenants and housing company.

There is justice and aggressive free riders occupying the wrong seats. Video brawlers regularly cause discussions about what to do with arrogant passengers.

Another high-profile initiative, which discuss more than one year, — the bill on the law on freezing my eggs. The paradox is that single women postpone childbearing for later, while unmarried men are allowed to take the ejaculate in a special store to use it in the future. In 2019 one unmarried Chinese woman has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for refusing to freeze her egg. "I came to Beijing to receive professional medical care, but instead I was persuaded to postpone the work and have a baby" — was indignant it.

A lot of fuss about the delegate from Shandong province, working as a teacher in the school. She demanded to fight with the popularity of celebrity men among girls, because it prevents them to learn.

As if the exotic sounds of some legislative initiatives, these "two sessions" is very important. After all, endorsed by the Civil code — the first in the history of the country. To take it tried four times already. In China hope that the new document will be able to systematize the legal system and make it more modern.