Hearings on the dispute between Gagarina and Kormukhina will continue on June 24

The Tver court of Moscow on 24 June will continue the hearings on the suit of the singer Olga kormukhina to Polina Gagarina, in which she asks to protect the rights to arrange the music of Viktor Tsoi Kukushka, told RIA Novosti in court.

"The next hearing is scheduled for June 24," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Before this dispute was postponed due to the imposition by the courts of measures to combat coronavirus infection.

As pointed out by the Complainant, the arrangement of the song "the Cuckoo" was written for her by the musician and her husband Alexei Belov in 2011 with the approval of the only son of the deceased leader of group "Cinema" by Alexander Tsoy. However, later Kormukhina heard this song performed by Gagarin and featuring music by Konstantin Meladze, originally created for the movie "Battle for Sevastopol", noticing the similarity between the arrangements Belov and Meladze.

Later Kormukhina stated that the expert who conducted the expertise, acknowledged both arrangements are identical in all - "in General terms, musical form, ratio form sections (the verses-choruses and instrumental episodes), in the metric scheme, and so forth."

Thus Meladze registered in the Russian authors ' society (RAO) their copyright in the arrangement, while the music Belov to the "Cuckoo" in the registry RAO never happened. The information in the court confirmed the representative of the companies involved in the dispute as a third party.

Kormukhina the lawsuit asks the court to recognize a piece of music created with copyright infringement and to order the defendant to cease any actions that infringe the applicant's rights. Monetary claims the plaintiff is not stated.

Lawyers Gagarina, in turn, claim that the singer did not violate the rights Kormukhina, and the claim is not based on any evidence, is conflicting, made with numerous violations. In addition, the protection Gagarina argued that the expert who conducted a forensic examination at the request of representatives Kormukhina, in fact, does not have the proper qualification and even education.