Central election Commission of Belarus has evaluated the upcoming presidential election

CEC Chairman of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina said that the current presidential election campaign is the most severe in the history of the country.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. Currently, signatures in support of his nomination candidates collected 14 contenders for the presidency. Mass pickets to collect signatures in support of nomination gather supporters Svetlana Tikhanovski, aspiring to the presidency, and her husband Sergei, who is the head of its initiative group. At the end of may at the picket in Grodno, was detained tikhanovski, and about ten of his supporters. The interior Ministry reported that the picketers were arrested for violence against the police, criminal case is brought.

"This is the most difficult presidential elections, even at the very beginning (of the campaign – ed.). And specifically there has been a campaign with violations of the law from the earliest days," Yarmoshyna said on Thursday at a meeting of the CEC, which was broadcast on the Commission's website.

She cited the example of the action Tikhanovski, stressing that "citizens are misled by such politicians and fighters". "They believe that now such period, when legitimately you can go to meetings in any place where you wish the newly-born wrestler, and to Express protest. This is an absolute lie," - said Yarmoshyna. According to her, people are invited to participate in fact in the meetings, not the pickets for collection of signatures. "It is a public events organized in violation of the law on mass events. A picket for collection of signatures can start collecting signatures and nothing else, of course, he can't be silent... But we see the pickets, where the potential candidate is almost nothing, all the rest is campaigning against a specific person, and evil, slanderous and insulting. Moreover, there is even a direct threat to me," continued the head of the CEC. She urged people to think again and "signers" for such applicants, considering such pickets are peaceful.

She also said "a planned campaign to discredit (the current President – ed.) and opponents of the head of state it and not hide it". "I'm talking about specific political forces that operate in our country, which fakes place. Is that the class struggle was talking about the Bolsheviks... And Internet resources that are not maintaining objectivity, joined," - said Yarmoshyna.

She added that "there is a charm of Vice". "That evil is charismatic, because it piques the interest, virtue is always boring. And here is the worst on the evil that is the bad news, traits, qualities is all that antiagitatsiey that we see and notice," said the CEC head. She expressed regret that "low cultural level of a number of government opponents, including among the population, forcing them to believe in it." "They are happy to believe in it, swallow and, unfortunately, not willing to hear anything in return. This, probably, and there are those tense moments that has never been observed in electoral campaigns that were held in our country before", - said Yarmoshina.