Climate affects development of agriculture in Ugra, said the Governor

Northern climate affects the development of the agricultural sector in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, however, the region pays particular attention to agro-industrial complex, said Thursday the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday during a working meeting with the head of Autonomous district drew attention to the reduction of agricultural production in the region.

As noted by Komarova live in Instagram with the head of Department of regional programs of the Expert Institute of social studies Daria Kislitsyna, the head of state pointed to the need to pay special attention to this sector due to the fact that the indicators in the agricultural sector has not demonstrated the same remarkable growth as other areas of socio-economic life of Ugra.

"Despite the fact that our region can hardly be classified as agricultural area, it is almost impossible, we pay special attention to this industry, supporting small businesses, farmers, creating conditions for the development of large processing enterprises. I believe that we have the potential, the measures and solutions give us the opportunity to count on the change of the situation in this regard", - said Komarova.

She also announced a number of new investment projects, including modern enterprise on the base of the plant "Soviet milk" in the village of Arabeski will accommodate innovative production of protein components. The Governor of Ugra called these products is quite rare for Russian market and expressed hope that the investor can quickly return the invested resources.

"We are keen to work in this direction. Fair to say that we are only potatoes 40% are self-reliant, for other types of products is worse, their production is not enough, but not because we are lazy or something is not able to implement the climate leaves its mark," - said Komarov.