The head of Rospotrebnadzor compared the severity COVID-19 with other infections

The frequency of critical conditions in the coronavirus is not the highest compared to some infections, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, in the course of the discussion club "Valdai" "Vaccine COVID-19: common heritage or every man for himself?".

"It's not the worst network with the worst critical condition, it is true, for us it is a lesson very difficult, but the main thing — to take from him the right things," she said.

In her view, the current pandemic should help to create the algorithm of action for the next similar case.

She also noted that it is too early to get my hopes up about the vaccine.

"We can tell when it is technically possible to create and execute vaccine drug, but we can't say obviously how effective for the person he is," said Popov, adding that it is not one drug but a whole range of vaccines that target different groups.

Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 covered almost the whole world. According to the latest who data, there are approximately 6.3 million people living with, 379 thousand of them died.

In Russia, the number of cases of infection has exceeded 440 thousand, 5384 people died, more than 200 million recovered.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.